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Flexible screw conveyor

 powder conveyer
Flexible Screw Conveyor is generally used in processing of food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, minerals, ceramics, plastic and rubber.
Its design is very simple & eliminates the need for any additional operating equipment such as filters or bearing. It consists of electric motor driven spiral, which is the only moving part, rotates within a food grade & sealed tube. The material moves along the spiral within the tube.  The unique action of the flexible spiral conveyor eliminates the risk of the product separation that can take  place  in  conventional  pneumatic  conveying  systems  where  mixed  materials  have components of different densities and particle  size. In fact, the conveying action ensures constant remixing.
Conveyor maximum length can be up to 15 meters for material bulk density 0.6 kg/liter and may be increased  or decreased inversely  with  bulk  density. Vertical  installation  are also  possible,  but carrying  capacity  decreases  with  increase  in  angle  of  inclination.  Feed hopper is available in standard size or according to customer’s specification.
It  is  available  in  options  of  stainless  steel  or  mild  steel/painted.  Its spirals are used for every application in different shapes i.e. round: for most applications, flat: for fine powder, proscrew: for difficult material. Its main features includes dust free, easy to clean, high & low level control, safe & hygienic handling, accurate metering and high transfer capacity. The main advantage is to low on installation & maintenance costs and high on efficiency and performance.
The  conveyor  has  become  a  necessary  mode  of  transfer  for  easy  conveying  of  powders  & granules  where  controlled flow  is  required.  The  different  sizes  of  conveyor are suitable  for  any capacity  upto  15tons  per  hour  &  any  length  from  2  to  15  meters  per  conveyor.  Distribution  of product at more than 1 outlet is also possible. The flexible nature of conveyor allows bends  to be incorporated  while  installing  the  conveyor  &  the  same  can  be  managed  through  walls  &  roofs with minimal problem to the existing layout.
Simplicity, versatility, performance
Convey bulk materials from large granules to submicron powder
Areas of Application:
Food, Pharmaceuticals, Minerals & ceramics, Plastic & rubber and conveyor configurations etc
Please kindly contact with us for the details as per your application.
Other vibrating equipment is available, please feel free to contact us.
We'd like to supply you the best solution.

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